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About the application

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The practical experience underlies the idea for this application. Agnes – the author of the blog teachyourbaby wanted to make the most of her child’s potential. However, she is a working mum and lacked time to prepare as much material as she wanted. Then, she considered me to start the project which was supposed to facilitate early teaching. Soon, we decided other parents would be happy to have something like this at hand, too.

We started from scratch and initially, the application was available only for Agnes and her daughter. Soon, we realized a lot of parents who want to unleash their children’s potential look for ready-made materials and applications, especially ready-made reading cards as well as math cards and bits of intelligence. It’s understandable in our busy world they seek to have more quantity time with their kids and at the same time to have some free time for themselves. With evenings spent on creating new materials consistent with the Doman method or any other right-brain methods like Shichida or Heguru they don’t have much time to rest. We believe our application is the solution.

We had come a long way before we could introduce the platform to you. We had experienced:
– unfair competition,
– lawyers’ help
– additional costs (hosting, domain)

No matter the circumstances we have always been making progress, although at times slowly.
Our team contains only 2 persons, me – a geek programmer 🙂 and Agnes – English teacher by profession and the author of the above-mentioned blog teachyourbaby.

We cooperate with a graphic designer.
In our application you will find: 124 lessons, 2048 words in 38 categories in 3 languages: English, Polish and German. Depending on the licence you choose all the flashcards may be printable or just for online presentations. Their number is constantly increasing. We have been inspired by the Doman method and follow Glenn Doman’s recommendations. However, our reading and math cards as well as bits of intelligence cards will also be useful for parents who follow Shichida or Heguru method as well as Montessori’s method as her three-part cards seem to be what inspired Glenn Doman to make first bits of intelligence.

3146 words
191 lessons
37 categories

We would like to expand the platform even more to make early teaching easier for parents around the world.

That’s our goal.